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Air Force 1 was born in 1982 and is deeply rooted in basketball. At that time, six basketball players were selected to speak for this shoe. They were carefully selected defensive experts who brought this basketball shoelace to the world. Classic posters, tough gestures, Malone and his partners showcase the six elements of AF1 success: grand, durable, transcendent, heroic, coherent and pure. AF1 conquered the earth!

NIKE AIR FORCE 1 first six people (ORIGINAL SIX)
In 1982, Nike selected the "first six" professional basketball players as the spokesperson for Air Force 1. They took off from the track on this classic poster and successfully flew over basketball and culture. From this moment, basketball has not Then the basketball defined in the past. Because of this, this "first six" photo of Bruce Kilgore's masterpiece tells a different relationship between a brand and a basketball player. This relationship aims to truly meet the needs of athletes. In this "first six" - Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes, Bobby Jones, Mitchell · Mychal Thompson and CalvinNatt – Twenty-five years after taking this photo, the products they spoke for are still resonating, and people not only recognize the realism they convey, but Make the basketball shoes they wear become immortal. In fact, Air Force 1 is not just a pair of shoes: it is also an experience, it is a bridge that connects its birthplace with a culture, and this culture allows itself to survive. The “first six people” are the six original chains: six funk, free and powerful messengers.

Air Force 1 has always been based on the exquisite workmanship of Nike technology. It is based on this that the “first six” footwear and apparel follow the general guidelines set by the Air Force 1 Series. In addition, there are six pairs of specially designed Air Force 1 Lo sneakers, each with a portrait decorative coat of arms from each of the “first six people”. The important design element of the “First Six People” costume is to capture the descriptive language of each member's court style. This method can effectively clarify the influence of the “first six people” on the AF1 cultural spirit. Moses Malone gave the Air Force 1 a grand temperament, the durability of the shoe was inspired by Jamal Wilkes, and Michael Cooper showed a driving force that constantly surpassed the higher realm. The original six-player Mitchell Thompson's court style best reflects the heroic posture of the AF1, while the consistency of the sneakers is best demonstrated in Bobby Jones's style. The best interpretation of the pure nature of Air Force 1 is Calvin Knight in the "First Six People". His grasp of the game is as good as the sneakers he has endorsed, and he has gained a lot of money.

Grand, durable, transcendence, bold, coherent and pure, these qualities are injected into the “First Six People” Air Force 1 series. Each of these words is a technical level that requires real design and innovation to create superior performance.


In 2007, nike re-selected six stars to endorse Air Force 1. Even though Air Force 1 has left the basketball court, its sporting spirit is still there. Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Rashid Wallace, Amare Stoudemire, Tony Parker and Vince Carter become the "new six" of Air Force 1, taking on The Air Force 1 spirit carries forward the historical mission of the great.
From Akron, Ohio to the streets of Philadelphia, from the South Coast to the French coast: Air Force 1 is so lively on these six newcomers, just like the "first six", through them, Air Force 1 highlights some important characteristics; it shares the qualities of each athlete's personality and style. Cold beauty (Parker), traditional core (Wallace), independent contempt (Carter), the power of respect (Stoudemire), the tough heart (Kobe) and the king's style (LeBron). These six newcomers carry such a halo, such a state of mind, wherever they go, which can cross any boundary or limit. Their style on the court is the style of Air Force 1; and outside the stadium, every new Air Force 1 spokesperson knows that tradition needs to be protected not only to be promoted, but also to be carried forward.

12 exquisite Air Force 1, Air Force 1 for 30 NBA teams, Air Force Lux Pack for 16,000 RMB... Each pair of shoes is awesome, and it highlights the uniqueness of Air Force 1. charm.
So far, the nature of air force 1 has changed, becoming a street fashion shoe rather than a purely basketball shoe. But its influence has not diminished, it has witnessed the rapid development of basketball in the 1⁄4 century.

After Air Force officially stepped onto the stage, he began to be welcomed by a large number of players. The appearance of Charles Barkley once again raised Air Force 1 to a new level. Since then, this pair of sneakers has become a spiritual pioneer, and then the rise of the Hip-Hop culture. Air Force 1 extends a lot of branches, AFII, III, 180 and even the classic Air Max CB2 at the foot of Charles Barkley is also derived from Air Force.

The five-family Fab 5 (including Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, and Juwan Howard, still in the NBA), which is popular in the United States, is also wearing the Force sneakers. For the first time, they used the black socks with the all-black Air Max Force 180 to shock the country. They and Duke University's NCAA finals became a two-cultural matchup. Hip Hop Basketball is on the college basketball. The Force at their feet is the most prominent sign of their style. With their brilliant ball skills and advanced style, they quickly became the heroes of American children and the darlings of the media. The children are fascinated by their madness, and every young person begins to learn how to wear them. Force has become a must-have ticket for every course. Since then, Hip-Hop Basketball has embarked on the mainstream.


In the midst of it, Air Force 1 is beginning to come together more and more with rebellious athletes. The technology and innovation that Air Force brings is not just on the court. His spirit also began to enter everyone's life.

The innovation of the year has become a classic of the past. If Nike created Air Force 1, today Air Force is no longer just a Nike, but a symbol of the entire sneaker culture. Today Air Force 1 is the perfect interpretation of the retro word. Designers have introduced a new soul to Air Force 1 with new ways of expressing colors and patterns. He has become a must-have for everyday wear for young Americans. When the 2006 season rookies Randy Foye and Rudy Gay first participated in the famous national basketball magazine shooting, they were a little shy. They chose to wear the pure white Air Force 1. In their minds, Air Force 1 is a cool , a trend.

Similarly, Air Force 1 has been given a different theme to express on the sneakers and become a prey for collectors. Some have even been marked with a sky-high price of 10,000 yuan. The showbiz is still a celebrity, and many people are proud to have an exclusive Air Force 1. When Kobe Bryant endorsed SONY's NBA 2007 this summer, the gift SONY gave him was a pair of globally limited Air Force 1 playstation.

When a sneaker has become a culture, then he is a work of art.